Song Bell Rental in San Francisco from California Percussion Rental

We have the largest rental inventory of song bells on the West Coast featuring Deagan and Leedy song bells.

Song Bells are used quite often by film composers, either alone or marred with other mallet instruments to create various textures and timbres.

Song Bells are an octave lower than Orchestra Bells / Glockenspiels, and have a more mellow sound. Our Deagan Celeste Song Bells feature aluminum bars resulting in a vibraphone like quality.

Our Song Bell Rental inventory includes the following brands and models:

  • Deagan No. 100 Song Bells, 2.5 oct G-C (steel bars)
  • Deagan No. 101 Celeste Song Bells, 2.5 oct F-C (aluminum bars)
  • Deagan No. 102 Song Bells, 3.0 oct G-C (steel bars)
  • Leedy 3 oct C-C Song Bells (steel bars)

Song Bells Rental

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