Celesta Rental San Francisco

California Percussion Rental is proud to offer both a Schiedmayer Celesta and a Mustel Celesta for rental in our San Francisco location.

Schiedmayer Celesta Rental San Francisco

Our Schiedmayer Celesta is the top-of-the-line 5.5 octave Studio Model Celesta (C-F5). World-renowned for being the first choice of professional orchestras, our Schiedmayer Celesta features the new "hinged lid" for maximum projection when required.

Featuring a strong, full tone because of its large resonators, wide and heavy sound plates, and their close proximity; distinguished by a light, balanced touch and the complex overtone-rich celesta sound.

Tuning: A=442

Price: $500 per day

Mustel Celesta Rental San Francisco

Our 4 octave Mustel Celesta is a workhorse celesta. Perfect if you're on a budget and want a real celesta sound, need a smaller range celesta, or have space restrictions.

Tuning: A=442

Price: $100 per day

Multiple day, weekly, and monthly discounts available

Mustel Celesta Rental Scheidmayer Celesta Rental

Celesta Rental San Francisco

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